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Default Re: How do you know your KM is real?

That site seems to be selling legit rigs while claiming that they are Indian made by their company thus trying to take credit for the craftsmanship. If you go through all the pages they claim to be selling KM style hookahs, AF hookahs and Mya hookahs (with the brand mark) which apparently are all produced in Egypt by one company.

I would avoid any site that give you any less than the complete truth. It just ups the chances of them sending you a true, low quality knock off and claiming it's just different because it's handmade and all of them vary slightly.

Regarding those saying that the weight is a good indicator of authenticity... Wrong.

I have a KM double trimetal and the stem weighs very little because, as with most KMs, the stem is hollow. It's solid and well built but it's still hollow and light.

The best way to check if it's a real KM is checking for the signature on the ledge that the coal tray sits on.
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