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Default Re: Exact Difference between Quicklights & Naturals

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
I can tell the difference between the taste with exoticas and the taste with coconut coals. The taste difference between naturals in general and quicklights is HUGE. QLs have a bunch of chemicals and accelerants mixed in with the raw coal, do you really want to be smoking that?
No, I don't want to be smoking that, but I mean... naturals or not, it's still Coal we're talking about. Coal contains toxants in general, even very small amounts of mercury.
I thought that it was just the "gunpowder" that makes the QLs light so quickly, and that burns "clean" off, doesn't it?

Originally Posted by BobMarley View Post
I notice a huge difference myself, but perhaps you just have some very good QLs? What are you using?

I bought some Three Kings (2 Rolls) when I bought my hookah and tobacco in Germany. I think the taste of the tobacco really is not influenced, but maybe I should try some naturals and see what the taste is like then.
I'll definitely try them when I'm outta QLs.
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