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Default Re: is money the only factor or not?

There a maybe 3 Starbuzz flavors i really like. That's it. The rest are either chemical or sickeningly sweet. Over-all, starbuzz is not a great product. It's severely overpriced for the taste you get, an unnatural jumble of glycerin and lifeless tobacco pieces. They also dye it bright or deep colors, which is sickening to me. The best flavor from SB, Tangerine Dream, has a natural flavor and a not-so-heavy sweetness. The Nakhla Mandarin has a realistic and natural flavor with a more acidic (natural) flavor found in actual oranges. Now, it depends on your tastes, but I would much rather have the natural over the sweet-natural-candy. Also, I save 13 bucks.

Tobacco is not about the $$ for me, it's about the tastes. Now, if something great can be had for cheap, why the hell wouldn't you want that? The only explanation is that your palate is different than mine and you would choose SB Tangerine over Nakhla Mandarin simply because you enjoy it; but that is exactly how I am, I only smoke SB coconut and hate Nakhla Coconut.

So for me, it's strictly about the taste, and I like the natural, delicious taste Nakhla has compared to the sugary syrup-sweet chemical OD of SB, Fantasia, etc.
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