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Originally Posted by LunasCrain View Post
Fair enough. the Flavor seems to be an oil and there is not much buts its nice.
As far as combustion go's either way there will be combustion so that is moot, and there are no added chems so I think its ok. in any case I like them and you get a lot of bang for your buck, the fact that they are nats makes my heat sing I HATE QL.
the fact there is combustion on the natural coals is one thing but once you introduce the flavor you add another chemical, its not combustion it self, it is the combustion of said chemical that i am weary about. when a coal gets lit properly the coal turns to coke (pure carbon) which then burns cleanly (only co/co2 is given off)

also oil into your respiratory passages is not great, it coats your sinuses and gets you a bit congested (like how the air fresheners that spray stuff or give off the sent from oil make everyone slightly congested no matter if the notice it or not)

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