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Default Re: ******* Hookah QL Issues?

oh, the coals do in fact remain hot. they are still burning and generally as hot after 30-45 min, but after 5-10 min there is a complete reversal from thick clouds and great taste to little clouds and minimal taste. after that it's so bland and smoke-less that I would rather not smoke it at all since it would either be harsh or like breathing in straight air. and yes, the hookah is fully secure with no leaks.

I've tried everything from ashing them and flipping them over to moving them... even when the coal is a complete burning red without any ash to speak of it's too weak or too harsh (both with VERY thin smoke... so thin that it looks more like cigarette smoke!)

it can't be my method because my friend brought over Golden ql's the other night and it smoked beautifully for an hour straight using my same packing method, hookah, hose, and shisha. there is no visible indication that the coals are dying; the flavor and amount of smoke are the aspects that clarify that.

EDIT: I spoke to John and he was very helpful, as usual. This was probably a bad batch so I'll see how the next one is

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