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Default Re: is money the only factor or not?

I like many SB flavors and am starting to enjoy the Mizo flavors a lot. Mizo is all I have been smoking lately. I couldn't stand Nakhla double apple and now it's one I crave. I just ordered 250g's of it in a jar, never had it in the jar and I'm really looking forward to it. Never smoked tangiers before and I just ordered three Lucid flavors and I can't wait. Bottom line is I don't really look at the prices that much but if it wasn't for AF and SB I wouldn't be smoking and enjoying hookahs today. What I am finding is that brands half the price are starting to appeal to me more and more each day. I would rather buy two Nakhlas than one SB today and a few months ago you couldn't give me nakhla for free. I'm realizing now that price has nothing to do with the quality and eventually I can see myself smoking more than Mizo and double apple, I'm gradually changing my taste towards these more traditional brands and am smoking brands like SB a lot less. I mean everyone has a sweet tooth and that is what it's like, it's only occasionally I feel like a starbuzz type of flavor, I crave the more natural unadulterated flavors more now than ever.
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