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Default Re: is money the only factor or not?

I don't find setting up a hookah a convenient thing to do. Nor do I enjoy the process of heating the coals and the mess they make on my counter (I'll never get all that black dust out of the tile on my counter). I continue to accumulate more and more scorch marks on my living room rug and on the oak parquet floor in my computer room where I also smoke. Cleaning my KM is pain in the butt. The cleaning brush ALWAYS sprays soapy water all over me and the counter when I pull it out of the vase no matter how careful I am

With all this in mind, if I'm not blissfully enjoying the shisha I'm smoking, then it has all been a waste of time and energy and I am not relaxed and happy but annoyed and feeling put out.

For me, it's about taste. Even the most expensive shisha is still cheaper than a cigarette habit and I am actually still surprised that shisha has remained as cheap as it is. I don't like SB and I wouldn't buy it no matter how cheap it was. I'd buy the cheapest shisha on the market if I liked it. I'd see what I could do about buying the best tasting shisha if it were highly expensive--I'd probably find a way to pay for it. And if there were a generic shisha out there that had great flavor and was reliable in its flavor consistency (one batch of a particular flavor tasting like every batch of that flavor) I'd be all over it.

I subscribe to the For Sale/Trade thread and watch it closely for anyone selling a quantity of shisha I love cheaper than I could get it otherwise.

So, no, money is not the only factor. Taste is the number one factor. Price is something I just have to deal with.
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