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Default "Hookah Malnutrition"

I was over at a friend's house today smoking some Starbuzz: Blue Mist when this 22" Egyptian 2 hose caught my eye. I asked my friend "Hey, how come this little guy never sees any action." He responded diligently with "Its not mine but, it has been over here for like a month." I responded with a "Well, lets load it up and use both hoses :P." He told me only if I clean I figured hey why not right 2 hoses would be sick right now because I don't feel like passing while trying to play GH III. I take this lovely looking hookah over to the sink to wash out the base ETC ETC. I remove the base from the stem only to discover a horrid pungent stench. I wanted to discover what could wreak so bad. Turn out that they had milk in the base from their last session and it has been sitting there room temperature for a MONTH. I quickly re-attached the base to the stem and set the poor little guy out on the back porch. Rest in piece little hookah . Has anyone else had an experience like this before? I would appreciate some feedback and some stories
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