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Default Re: is money the only factor or not?

When I first started this lovely lifestyle, I began with Layalina. Mid pried, decent flavor, I then purchased some starbuzz when the guys at the shop close to me said it was the "most popular". Guess what..... it sucked.

From that point I kept smoking AF, and Layalina, then Deja Vu (another high cost candy flavor). After discovering HP I learned that there were other choices out there. Then along comes BP and introduces me to the finer side of the tobacco. Soon after I switched to Nakhla. Now its all I smoke. The flavor is very nice and comforting, kind of like an old blanket you just can't seem to throw away.

No price has never been an issue. If I can't afford it, and there have been times that I couldn't even afford Nakhla, I just don't buy. Flavor is the real issue for me. If starbuzz tasted like Nakhla, and had less liquid to it, then I might buy it more often. Price is not an issue.

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