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Default Re: You know you spend too much time on hookahpro when...

Originally Posted by larrypzlast
I seem to run into a situation where I'm chilling with some friends and I will say something like "Sambooka did this sick review on AF Grape. I think I might order some this weekend." My friends confused out of their minds respond with something like "Who is Sambooka and what is AF Grape?" I feel kinda like an idiot afterwards and have to take them to Youtube to show em' whats up. 8)

Edit: Had to replace a couple of words with some better ones. Go THESAURUS!
That would fall under number 6... Don't worry it happens to more people than you think. I catch myself doing the same thing when I'm talking to my girl about hookah stuff. But she became a member recently so I guess it's not all that bad now, lol...
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