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Default Re: is money the only factor or not?

as many fellow UK HP members would know, its expensive to get any tobacco, so regardless we are always paying high pricess, that said, i wouldnt mind paying top dollar for some really nice shisha, cos for me its all about the taste, i love a few alfakher flavours mainly cherry, and ill pay good money to get a batch produced from ajman aswell. i really really like nakhla mizo watermelon, and intend on trying some more nakhla, as its not two sweet or artificial. the fact that its cheap is just a bonus. with SB ive tried quite a few flavours (guava/melon/citrus mist/ blue mist/ choc mint/fruit sensation/raspberry) and personally couldnt even think of buying any of them again, that is how much i hate them. even if the were same price as nakhla, i still think there just not up to scratch and always seem to have an underlying taste of something unpleasent, which puts me off.

so for me, moneys no object, it really is all about the taste

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