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Default Re: "Hookah Malnutrition"

Wow, that truly is disgusting and repulsive. I don't think I would ever smoke out of that hookah unless it was thoroughly washed with lemon juice, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar! Several times!

I've got a nasty story too. I used to have this friend (which is the one who got me into smoking hookah) that would never, and I mean NEVER, clean out his hookah after a session. I wasn't aware of this until after many sessions, when one day I decided to ask how he cleans it (cause I was a newbie at the time). He then told me he cleaned it once in a blue moon with a brush and water. This guy wouldn't even use any type of detergent or cleaning agent even after all that time of siting dirty!

He would also leave his hookah in his backyard, on the floor, exposed to the elements 24/7. Possums, cats, and stray dogs were known to be frequent in the area. I honestly don't know how that little Egyptian smoked so good for so many years with that kind of treatment. I get naucious (spelling?) just thinking about it. Of course, once I got ahold of it, I started cleaning it almost daily and taking care of it a lot more than he did. He ended up letting me borrow it and kind of holding it for some time until I bought my own.

The time I had it in my possesion, was definetly that little hookah's best days. So nasty....
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