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Default Kinda bummed : /

Im tracking my hookah through the UPS ground service atm, and it says its here in Fort Worth, but it got here too late to be delivered to me. So I have to wait yet another night for my baby! Its no huge deal or anything,(no one can control these things) but I am srsly jonesin for some hookah time. On the plus side I found a hookah lounge and store near TCU here in Fort Worth! It was hard to find, being somwhat based off of word of mouth advertising but I checked it out today and was blown away! They carry Starbuzz shisha, and I decided to get 2 250g tins. I got vanilla and pomegranate, Love them both by AF so I'm super excited to see how Starbuzz holds up, and I'm planning on mixing them up a bit too . I got some nice new coals too, im ready to go!

But for now I'll just stare at my 250g tins and take in their beautiful aroma until my hookah comes.

The place I went to today is called "FUSION" its a pretty modern style smoke shop generally with 2 nice big back rooms for hookah lounging, they are BYOB which is totally cool with me. If anyones in the DFW area of Texas I would recommend checking them out! (found a website finally!
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