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Default Pimping an EconoMya Gelato

First post, folks... And before I launch into it, I would like to say that I'm amazed at the vibrant community y'all have built around something so simple, but, as has been said countless times, hookah smoking is essentially a social activity.

That being said, my question is this: How do I make an out-of-the-box EconoMya Gelato 13" (pink... and, before you say anything snarky, it's for my girlfriend's birthday) into a one-of-a-kind smoking heirloom? Yeah, I know, being that it's a MYA, it's not likely to become anyone's heirloom, but willfully suspend your disbelief with me, won't you?

My first thought is that the stock Mya hose has to go... Obviously this will make for a good backup hose in a pinch, but when you get one of these bad boys in pink, it is less than attractive. I'd also like to stick something wider, with a significantly less laborious draw, on this hookah. Any suggestions as to type of hose are welcome. I've perused the Razan and Namor hoses, but I'm not sure that their fittings will be the proper size for this hookah. Input on the compatibility front is also appreciated.

Other than the hose thing, what else are you dedicated hookahpros thinking, with respect to tricking this hookah (which I think is a fundamentally attractive piece, btw) out?

Thank you for reading this post, and thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom.
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