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Default Re: underage smoking

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
This an issue I am concerned with for three reasons:

1) Underage smoking is used as an excuse to repress smokers and for that reason alone we should oppose it.
2) Smoking does entail substantial (if greatly exaggerated) health risks and minors (and most adults ) lack the desire and means to understand those risks and make an informed choice about tobacco use.
3) Youths simply lacl the ability to appreciate the esthetics involved with smoking and the craftsmanship involved. If a teenager does something chances are it's because of peer pressure rather then for a love of the thing itself.
I agree with you on most points except the last. I started smoking hookah when I was 16 and i always enjoyed it. To me its not really a thing which I do just to get a buzz, i like it because its relaxing and because its also part of my middle eastern culture. Kids in the middle east start smoking at very early ages such as 13 or14 years old and they grow up with it in their culture.
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