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Default Re: is money the only factor or not?

I agree with most others. If the price for starbuzz were less, it would encourage me to buy more, only so that I could hunt for the flavors i really enjoy. SB is very hit or miss, with me wanting to either cry and throw 20$ into my garbage can, or being overjoyed. Nahkla has never really done anything amazing for me, maybe i'm an oddball in that aspect. But from all the flavors I've gotten, everything has been between a 6-9 on a 10 scale for me, and that says to me "the people that make this know what they are doing and make flavors for everyones preference". I would feel a lot safer trying a 20$ 250 of a random nahkla flavor and know i would at least be ok with it, than having a 75% chance I would detest it if it was starbuzz. So sure, price effects my willingness to gamble on the unknown, but for what I know I like, I'd be willing to pay a little extra for the piece of mind knowing I get what I want, kind of like buying a steak over a hamburger.
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