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Default Re: is money the only factor or not?

Originally Posted by matthewtwood1 View Post
Tangiers combines the earthy, traditional quality which makes Nakhla so appealing with the inspiration of flavor which the best Starbuzz varietals offer. BOOM.
i disagree, tangiers is a good smoke and has it place but it sure as hell is not consistent unless you either go to erics lounge or live right around there because the climate will screw it up in seconds. also the only traditional quality is that is has a more egyptian style of flavorings and is unwashed (also we keep saying traditional, modern flavored moassel hasnt been around very long, i think less than 40 years so theres not much tradition there)

Originally Posted by CypherEnigma View Post
Money isn't as much a factor as the other aspects of tobacco for me.
Consistency is one thing that I like the most about Nakhla. If I enjoy a flavor and smoke it until there is a goey, tobacco less oblivion at the bottom of my mason jar, I can go out and buy another 250 and expect the flavor to be very similar to the previous batch I enjoyed so much.
Secondly I enjoy the qualities of Nakhla more than the glycerin tanks out there. I enjoy the unwashed tobacco because it has a more robust flavor and undertones than a heavily washed tobacco. I appreciate the cut of Nakhla because it is very simple to pack and doesnt require special bowls or techniques, and still smokes pleasantly. I cant smoke a bowl of Nakhla (excluding Mizo) for more than one set of coals which is perfect. After an hour of smoking, I'm ready to either pack up the bowl and call it, or load another flavor. Sure it doesn't last like Starbuzz would, but I dont need a Starbuzz marathon. Nakhla feels cost effective for what it is, with the way that SB is, I feel like I am wasting what I paid a premium for.
Returning to the topic, the price. For Nakhla I get a smokable and very enjoyable tobacco at a great price. If I paid SB premiums for every Nakhla flavor I have, I would be out an additional $400+ dollars for something that as I have said I feel isn't as cost effective. Even if Starbuzz was able to deliver a CHEAP, consistent, unwashed tobacco, I don't smoke Starbuzz wants me to smoke. I enjoy Nakhla because it smokes like I smoke.
good point. that is one of the reasons i cant smoke tangiers much, even lucid because even if i pack up a vortex with lucid loosely one set of coals looks like i didnt even smoke out of it, its great for smoking with friends or while watching a movie but after an hour+ round of coals my taste buds are getting tired.

and something weird with the nakhla consistency, i noticed some flavors change over time after they are opened (chocomint being the most noticeable one) after about 2-4 weeks its better, the liqueur aromas of it go away and it mellows out more to a smoke i like better (i think its the alcohol from the oil of peppermint that is probably used to flavor it that evaporates off and causes this)

merkaba, for a while i didnt get the draw of nakhla, didnt like it much but kept trying it cause the local place had it so i thought why not. after i smoked it for a while when i switch to other stuff the other brands just are kind of eww, once you find some flavors that fit you then you will be "wow, this is great", granted im not going to smoke nakhla 100% just cause i like variety but it is my main thing i think its just kind of time and your tastes have to just fit it

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