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Default Hungarian Water Pipes

About a year back I was watching some old films about the Austro-Hungarian military in the first world war. I am interested in that subject since I have an ancestor on my mother's side of the family that fought for the Austro-Hungarians and was a fairly famous ace. As I watched the films I noticed that from time to time you'd see these odd pipes that looked a church warden pipe with a small sphere on the bottom and a metal lid on the top. I also noticed that the same sort of pipes popped up in the The Good Soldier Svekj (also spelled Schweik) films which are comedy films from the '60s about a Czech soldier in Austro-Hungarian military in the first world war.

When I went to Pecs (in Hungary) about 6 months ago on business I tried to find out something about them and I found out that the little sphere on the bottom holds water and and that they work narghile in that the water filters the smoke. Although I talked to a lot people and a few tobacconists I couldn't find out much although it seems that that style of pipe isn't popular any longer although apparently it's still used in the Balkans. I could find out anything about the sort of tobacco used in them. Some people I spoke seemed to think that they are called Lula or Lulava but it could have been a language issue since I was talking to native Hungarians and at times the conversations were tough.

Anyway, I am wondering if anyone knows about these things or if they are the same as the water pipes used in the Balkan countries. Also, in the films people used a coal to heat the tobacco but I couldn't see the tobacco so I have no idea if it's Western pipe tobacco, tombac or moassel that they were smoking. If anyone knows anything be sure to post what you've got.

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