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Originally Posted by banaan View Post
this is not a monoxide poisoning issue.
co is an ordorless gas. we are all aware of the stench that quick lights produce when first sparking up. i dont know what chemicals these are but from the smell, i doubt they are gonna be any good for you!!!

also, the levels of carbon monoxide produced from a hookah session are not gonna above 50ppm. 50 ppm is virtually equivalent of smoking 50 cigerettes.

in america you have an organisation called osha (occupational safety hazard association) which basically allows workers to work under 40ppm conditions daily.
thus if 40ppm is considered safe, then co poisoning from a shisha smoke should be considered negligable.

your basically suffering from oxygen starvation. your body will get used to this and it is normal for this to happen when you first start smoking.
Depends on how you smoke, I've had my co alarm go off and the thing's read in the 90's. Then again I was smoking in an enclosed area and was doing multiple sessions.
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