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Default Re: Very bad taste/no taste

I was having the same problem with my old hookah. Bad taste, barely any flavor. I figured out what the problem was . My hookah had a leak where the port for the hose was. The threads were broken and caused a major leak. Which i am assuming caused me to have to pull harder and i was getting a lot of ash or someting. Also, how often do you clean your hose? The hose can end up with a lof of crap in it, which will also cause a bad flavor. Well atleast it did for me.

I got a new hookah with no leaks, and a better hose, and all is back to normal with flavor and a pleasant smoke. Oh also, i found another thing i was doing was that i was burning the tobacco. If you burn it, it tates horrible. Learn to properly manage your heat! It will help a lot. It did for me.
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