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Default Re: underage smoking

Smoking is not good for minors nor adults, i believe as long as someone is old enough to understand how bad hookah is for you and wether you are ready to sacrifice what this hobby takes away from you for what it offers to you it's fine. I've also read in this post that "Youths lack the ability to fully apreciate the aesthetics and calture of hookah " (i think i was hajo) and i completetly disagree with this. Am still 17 (legal age is 16 here) and i believe i apreciate the calture of hookah and more than most adults in here and have prooven it with my numerous posts on hookah calture and history. Clouding and blowing rings comes 2nd in my list. I love the Craftsmen ship and calture of hookah, try to follow the "etiquettes and traditions" of hookah in every sesion, love my hobby from cleaning the hookah to loading the bowl and enjoy every single session.

I agree with you that most "children" at my age dont apreciate the hookah to its full extend and only like to cloud it as much as possible but i feel very insulted when people generalize thinks so much. It's the same thing as saying blond women cant drive and Hajo you are the last person i expected hearing such generalizations from as i consider you one of the most knowladgable persons in here. I fully agree with your 1st and 2nd point on the 1st reply but the other one make me feel insulted.

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