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Default Re: Help improving flavor?

Originally Posted by HippieMama View Post
If you're using the hose that came with your generic Chinese rig they are usually made from poor quality materials and the inner coil is metal. If that metal has come into contact with any sort of moisture from washing, humidity or from the hookah itself it will rust very quickly and not only make everything taste nasty, but will pose a risk to your lungs because you're essentially inhaling rust particles.

Big clouds really aren't the best indication of quality in terms of the shisha or how your hookah performs. In fact, with some brands you have to reach a compromise - either good flavor or big smoke clouds. I got monster clouds out of my generic Chinese pumpkin, but it was crap - to put it bluntly. When I got my Magdy Zidan and Razan hose I realized just how big of a difference it makes. Yes, you can get some good use out of the generic hookahs you can buy at any tobacco shop, but it's temporary as over time the stem and ports begin to rust and the hose begins to deteriorate. Many people start off with those, but eventually move on to better quality rigs.

Funnel bowls can be tricky if you don't pack them just right, cover them properly and manage your heat well. I would definitely check out the how-to videos here on packing and heat management for a funnel bowl.
im pretty sure theres not any metal in the hose, when i look through it i can see light coming through...
But i still get little to no flavor with my modern bowls as well =/
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