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Default Re: Help improving flavor?

Originally Posted by Rheng View Post
i usually use 2 natural coals or 1 quicklight and 1 natural

There's only one really small leak but you have to put it under a significant amount of pressure for air to come out so i don't think that's it. And as far as i can tell i'm not doing anything different from what people in videos are doing...
And what do you mean "nasty hose"? just like poor quality? or a bad taste (there's no bad taste in my hose)?
I think hippie explained it pretty well. She also hit the nail pretty well on the head as far as smoke not being a good indicator of a proper session.

Think of a hookah as less burning, and more vaping. If you're looking for more flavor, then what you really want to be doing is heating up the shisha to release the moist flavored material(glycerin, honey or molasses) and not so much charring the tobacco. If the tobacco is what's smoking, then you have had to already gone through the flavoring to do.

Hope this all helps, keep us posted.
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