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Default Cutting Coconaras?

I know there was a thread recently about how to cut them and I believe it was BIGPOPPA that threw in his 2 cents and said "why not just put them on there sides" after reading that I thought of doing it, then in Kalutikas' recent video on how to use a windcover I noticed that he had his coals set up on there sides and that made me really want to try it.

So I just gave it a try and it works! it works even better than cutting them in halves imo because they create a nice inner wall to heat up the middle of the bowl without direct contact of a coal. When they get to the point where they cant stand on there sides they are the perfect size to put them on there bottoms and not have to worry about to much heat/harshness.

So for anyone who cuts there cocos I suggest trying out this method, it works!
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