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Default Coconut Milk

After all this talk about stuff to put in the base, i got to experimenting. This is what i found.

- Orange Juice does add a certain sweet & sour quality to the over-all flavor in your smoke, but nothing commonly noticeable

- Red Wine compliments grape flavors, reducing the floral aspect of that flavor if it has any, or making black grape flavors a little more bitter. The wine does not make any flavor better or worse.

- Milk is a waste of time. I was, in fact, using skim milk, so maybe the aspect of the presence of fat would play in. Anyway. milk did nothing to the taste of the smoke or the richness of the smoke. It simply was just a filler.

This is where i was hit by surprise.
- Coconut Milk. I have been one of the people who says that putting anything other than water or water+ice in your hookah is just for kicks. I had used Coconut milk before, but more as an offhand kind of thing. Last night i actually tried to create a good mix of diluted coconut milk. So I ended up going with 1/4 Coconut milk in and Acrylic Mya base.
I brought it down to my room, screwed on the stem, and then wondered what to put in the bowl. I had a poll, it ended up coming to SB White Peach.

This was the single most amazing session of my life. The Coconut Milk in fact does create much richer, fuller, whiter, thicker smoke. Everyone was just purely amazed at what was being let out of their mouths.
Britney: " Oh my God, I didn't know when it was going to end, i got scared!"
Nick: " Damn..."
Matt: "Dude, I'm the fucking cloud lord! Watch this!"
Garet: "My Kamehameha has never been better. SHIT! Ever. Wheres the spinach salad man?"

I'll post up pics to prove it soon.

Coconut Milk is an amazing base liquid to use. Along with the amazing clouds, after you inhale you have a very creamy sensation in your mouth, mainly in the back of the throat. Not Cottonmouth-Hock-a-Loogey creamy, just a creamy tatse, which was purely Fantastic. The Peach was a perfect blend.

I don't know what actually makes the smoke thicker, but while in the base the smoke matched the color of the pure white Coconut Milk, it was amazing.

I am going to assume it has something to do with the amount of Fat in coconut milk. It contains a much higher level of fat then Whole Milk, maybe the lipids do some binding...?
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