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Default Re: Help improving flavor?

This may sound stupid but there are a couple of things that happen to me sometimes that kill the flavor of my shisha. One is that I LOVE spicy food. Spicy food kills taste buds and if I've eaten really spicy food within a day or two of smoking hookah, I miss out on a lot of the flavor. This actually happens to me a lot because I'm addicted to spicy food.

The other thing is allergies. Lots of pollens and things around here that keep my allergies active and it really affects how things tastes, including shisha. Might be why I like spicy food so much, because I can taste it!

A skanked hose can definitely ruin an otherwise perfect bowl of shisha. So can not cleaning your rig properly. I totally agree with HippieMama on the Razan. If I go too long without washing it, it definitely affects the flavor of the smoke.
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