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Default Re: Mini Hookah Help?

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1: The coals you are using... Very bad for you & not tasty to smoke. They are hard to manage due to ash & chemicals

2: The hookah you are using, although not 'amazing' won't affect the harshness/heat of your smoke THAT much, just stick some ice in your base.

3: You are probably using that standard bowl as well... Which isn't THAT good either.

Get new coals... You make sure to pack the shisha so it is about 1cm below the foil so it doesn't touch... Shisha is meant to be 'vaporized'.
With new coals your heat management will be easier & your smoke will be lucious.
Get CocoNaras, ******* Hookah Coals... Or if you like the quick light coals... Get some ******* Hookah Quicklights @ **********.com ... or 3 Kings quicklights if you want better quick lights but not as 'natural'.

So to sum it up... Better coals & shisha can't touch the foil... Ice in base.
Thanks MM, appreciate the advice. Will do that for sure!
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