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Default Re: Very bad taste/no taste

if you have a shallow tub that the stem will fit inside, let the whole rig just soak in some vinegar for 30 minutes or so, go to the bathtub and run the water as hot as it will go. Get a decent stem brush and clean up the whole inside of the rig, (If you cant get a stem brush easily, a local firearms shop will have rifle bore cleaning kits, those work just as well).

An alternative method would be to take a rag and plug the bottom of the stem, fill the inside of the stem with vinegar, and plug the top with a rag and let it sit this way, probably less messy. If you want to polish up the outside of your stem, a little bit of brass polish and a soft cloth will work wonders, give it a good workover, then rinse all the polish off with hot water.

Make sure you scrub out the hose port and purge valve, they build up a lot of residue over time and cleaning them is just as important as brushing out the stem.

Lemon Juice mixed with Baking soda til it forms a paste is a great way to get flavors out of the stem as well, brush it out with this mixture after soaking it in vinegar.

Make sure your bowl is clean, someone already mentioned boiling it, do this, then let it cool down, make some lemon juice baking soda paste and let it sit in the bowl for 10-15 minutes then scrub it out with one of the green scrubby sponges.

If you have a washable hose, give it a good rinse out, any local music shop will have a swab line you can get to run through the hose and get the gunk off the sides.

Make sure your bowl is loosely packed so you dont burn the Mu'Assel

Make sure your coals are fully lit, an underlit coal (Especially coconut coals) will taste terrible, add a lot of bad flavor, and give you a CO headache (or make your stomach upset)

Best thing you can do is a lot of maintenance, use good brands of shisha (Nakhla, Starbuzz) and proper coal lighting.

Should get all the nasty out. If it doesnt, maybe post a video or pictures of how you're preparing everything so we can give recommendations based on that.


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