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Default Re: Thank you HookahPro members!

Originally Posted by Dee View Post
You can bet on it! I've already got my eye on the KM and AF hookahs, I haven't looked too closely at the Myas yet. At least one of each some day I would think.
Honestly, everyone who owns a generic CNC machined hookah should take the time to invest in a well made hand-produced hookah.

AF, MZ, KM, and Nours are all very well built hookahs that will give you a whole new experience. Im personally a huge KM fan, but my next purchase will be a Syrian Brass. KM Classic, Cafe, and Pears are all great ways to go if you want a good KM. Shoot for something in the 26"-36" range, they're a bit tall, but the extra travel time in the stem gives you a much better volume of smoke, and gives it time to cool down before it hits the water.

Make sure to read Photolingers sticky at the top of the general thread when you go to order your next hookah, hes a hellofa pro that knows his stuff, and wrote some great information on buying your first excellent hookah.

Good Mu'Assel will always do you right, A lot of people around here swear by Nakhla, Starbuzz, JM, AF, and HookahHookah (Im personally not a huge fan of Romman).

Good natural coals are always a bonus too, try Johns ************* Coconut naturals, Exotica Natural Finger Coals, or Cocobrico/Coconaras.

Invest in a solid bowl, Tangiers Medium Phunnels, Standard KM Egyptian Clay, or a SSC Vortex will last you a long time and give you great results.

Most of all, keep posting whenever you have problems or questions on experimenting, we're always here to help people who take the time to make themselves part of the community and further the tradition of hookah!
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