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Default Re: Hookah leak, eids tomorrow, im suicidal

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
how do you know there is a leak then

what you need to do, is plug your stem from one end, exhale, and see if theres airflow, if there is and you cant find it, fill up your bathtub with water, submerge the stem. plug one end, exhale, if you see where the air comes out, then you know. otherwise, your stem is fine.

if the issue is the seal between the base and the stem, no biggy, tons of ways to get around that as you wait for a new grommet, wet papertowel...cloth, foil, electrical tape....

it could also be your hose....which has temporary fixes too.

plug one end of your hose, exhale into the other, if there is movement, theres a leak in the hose, keep exhaling till you find it, use some tape to cover it up as you wait for a new hose.
if a leak is not your problem, then it could be your setup.

the best of us still setup poorly sometimes, maybe thats all it was.

i was just going to say that
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