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Default Re: "Hookah Malnutrition"

Dude, that had to be friggen sick as hell. I would of just soaked it for 20 mins, scrubed it, and blown it out with a dust buster. Then I would of thrown the hose away.

Originally Posted by HookahMaster
Originally Posted by ZenSilk
I have found rubbing alcohol to be the ultimate hookah cleanser.
+1 on that! I tried this the other day, and it worked better than vinegar and baking soda...
Rubbing alcohol is great stuff, but beware. If you have exposed raw metal it can quickly cause components to rust 3x as fast. I use a mixture of things; Vinegar, lemon juice, and medical grade betadyne (surgical scrub). These all have a relatively near neutral pH.

Originally Posted by mikey
so i boiled water..put hot water in the base so it wouldnt be much of a temp diff. and then got it out
Thats not a really bright idea. Practical, yeah. But you change the temperature of the glass too fast from room temp or chilled, to boiling temp. You can easily cause hairline fractures in the glass or even shatter the base over time. Boiling water makes the glass expand too fast and the outside can't keep up with the expansion of the inside temp.

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