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Default Re: M first Hookah :ooo

You probably got Al Waha. Or maybe it was AF. I just know that your hookah looks almost identical to my first one. I'll bet it is from the same manufacturer, as the grommets and tray are identical to mine. My local tobacco shop (where I bought my first hookah) only carries Al Waha.

Be careful with it, though. I tried to keep mine very clean after each session and thought it had dried thoroughly, but it ended up rusting out after only three sessions. Also be careful with the hose. They have metal coils inside and will rust horribly if they get the slightest bit wet.

Also, if the coals you purchased are quick-lites, make sure you light them in a well ventilated area and that they have fully heated through (glowing red-orange, no black spots or sparking) before placing them on top of your bowl.
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