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Default Re: You know you spend too much time on hookahpro when...

1. When you have beaten 95% of the arcade games and have held the highscores
2. HookahNoob begins to know you personally
3. You know HookahNoob's version number and all of the remarks it has
4. HookahNoob starts talking to you when you enter the chat.
5. You have your own sambooka shrine and your counting down the days to have a session with him, so you can get a clipping of hair to make it complete.
6. Your new religion is based on the great one called "Sambooka" and his moderators known as the 4 aposiles of HP St.Huskysibe, St.KoRnKitten, St.angemonkwj, St.sammniamii
7. You have smeared shisha on your body, danced naked on hot exotica coals, offering yourself to the Hookah Pro God.
8. You think I'm sexy.

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