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Default Re: Fight of the Phunnels!

I have several Tangiers phunnels and vortex bowls but I say go with a small Tangiers. A vortex is much more difficult to keep clean and has a restricted draw. As Scoop mentioned, the holes on the vortex aren't consistent and are sometimes very poorly done. The Tangiers phunnels are made of a better, thicker ceramic so they're less likely to break on you. A vortex is more friendly towards looser packs if you are trying to save as much tobacco as you can, but IMO a properly packed Tangiers phunnel smokes better than a properly packed vortex.

edit: FWIW, I do only use vortex bowls when I smoke with friends but mostly because Tangiers noir is too strong for them and I'd rather have a vortex get broken than a phunnel.

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