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Default Re: Another Glass tip thread?

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Pyrex is borosilicate...

Wood can split along the grain and if cut improperly can do so with concussive force. Even if cut properly thin walled wood has a good chance if not treated properly.

If the artist is fast they may be able to make one in an hour. Considering the cost of materials, the cost to run the furnace for the full time needed (heating the glass to working temp, work time and tempering) and other misc cost you are paying the artist a couple bucks an hour if it's a ten dollar tip. That is not what they deserve.

If you want to outsource you are going to deal with the possibility of questionable materials and minimum orders. Also that whole sweat shop thing. But That's only an issue if you have morals.
According to wiki pyrex is a brand name, though it seems used as a general term now a days. Originally it was borosilicate, but according to wiki they use tempered soda lime glass in the states and borosilicate in Europe. Dunno what lamp workers here are using here, every one I knew was lazy as hell and treated potential customers like crap. Probably why I would go to india instead of getting over charged.

As far as the sweat-shop spiel, it's not like children are slaving away with blow torches to make them. Morality wise, a lot of the hookahs floating around are chinese made but there's very little out-cry other then don't buy. Most glass products sold in the states are outsourced anyway.

Anyway, for something like that I'd expect to pay $2 or under from india per mouth piece which is a lot more affordable and realistic then paying $45 from a lamp worker in the states. Sure quality may suffer, but no one with a braincell is ever going to want to pay for something that's over twice the cost of a hose or a quarter of a price of an entire km.
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