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Default Re: Another Glass tip thread?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
pyrex is a trade name for an exact formulation of borosilica glass, its only sketchy if the person working it is lazy or doesnt know what they are doing. as to out sourcing, good luck with that, i wouldnt trust glass coming out of there, the egyptian glass is some of the crappiest garbage i have seen, right now our furnace at school has super crappy glass in it that i wouldnt even try to sell pieces from and its about 10 times better than the standard egyptian junk

for lamp working you wont be using a furnace just a torch and an electronic anealer, neither of those cost much to operate but your right there is still operating cost. a good glass worker though should be able to pull out more than 1 in an hour, i would be expecting 2-3 if they know what they are doing unless it is very intricate

Sorry to break it to you, but most of the glass work that shows up in shops is either from India or very rarely Europe. Even then, most of the European brands actually outsource their glass work to china. There are a lot of American glass blowers, but most of the one's I've talked to are too lazy to ever do anything or even give you a quote on something like this.
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