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Default Re: Fight of the Phunnels!

Originally Posted by imthatguy View Post
IMO the vortex is way better......there no hassle of the foil getting stuck....and i dont care if people say "its never happened to me before" it happens to a lot of people and saves the hassle of trying to correct the problem a vortex is just as good as a phunnel and uses less tobbaco...i prefer it
foil getting stuck is usually an issue held by people who have a non tangiers funnel bowl. i know that my first funnel was a knockoff, and i hated it because of this issue. when i invested in a real tangiers bowl, things actually got better. I can now say they do actually work with wetter tobaccos.

i have a vortex, and my main issue w/ a vortex is that it is significantly harder to clean than a funnel, its annoying. I dont want to have to boil the bowl often, the beauty of hookah is in the setup more than the teardown. I dont like black gunk on my bowls, although sometimes you cant help it, its easier to get stuff clogging your vortex holes than a giant tangiers funnel bowl hole.

thinking that my vortex was a bad batch vortex, i am considering another bowl to give them a chance...not certain yet.

also about a scallimod...if its glass, its a pain to clean as well...and having a peice of glass with black and brown stains in my bowl isnt appealing to me, so i just avoid it.

that being said, egyptian clay really works just fine, don't knock a classic.

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