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Default Re: Another Glass tip thread?

Originally Posted by merkaba View Post
According to wiki pyrex is a brand name, though it seems used as a general term now a days. Originally it was borosilicate, but according to wiki they use tempered soda lime glass in the states and borosilicate in Europe. Dunno what lamp workers here are using here, every one I knew was lazy as hell and treated potential customers like crap. Probably why I would go to india instead of getting over charged.

As far as the sweat-shop spiel, it's not like children are slaving away with blow torches to make them. Morality wise, a lot of the hookahs floating around are chinese made but there's very little out-cry other then don't buy. Most glass products sold in the states are outsourced anyway.

Anyway, for something like that I'd expect to pay $2 or under from india per mouth piece which is a lot more affordable and realistic then paying $45 from a lamp worker in the states. Sure quality may suffer, but no one with a braincell is ever going to want to pay for something that's over twice the cost of a hose or a quarter of a price of an entire km.
i just bought 16 feet of pyrex tube, its borosilica glass, not soda lime. soda lime does not have the strength of borosilica glass, there is no reason to substitute it. lampworkers use boro for the most part, you can use soda lime but for anything that is going to be used and not just be a piece of decorative art they will stick to boro. the reason a lot of lampworkers are going to blow you off is that they deal with a lot of people who say they want to buy this that or the other and then fall through so they get pissed off trying to do commissions for stoners that will flake on them. show up cash in hand to talk to them to show them your are serious.

seriously though ya you can sell a lot of mouth tips at 10 bucks but they will suck, any one that understands the work that goes into them and wants the nice piece of craft will drop the cash. reducing quality to make a cheaper product is never acceptable

Originally Posted by merkaba View Post
Sorry to break it to you, but most of the glass work that shows up in shops is either from India or very rarely Europe. Even then, most of the European brands actually outsource their glass work to china. There are a lot of American glass blowers, but most of the one's I've talked to are too lazy to ever do anything or even give you a quote on something like this.
im not sure if your referring to hookah stuff or to head shops, ya there is a lot of shit in shops though from the middle of no where but most of it is total shit, the vases we get for hookahs, are super seedy, super cordy, have stress cracks, and are not blown out evenly or even ground flat. american glass blowers dont want to give you a quote because people walk in and go "can you do this for 10 bucks" when its worth 200. a lamp working studio can be set up pretty cheap but the materials are not super cheap. its 5-20 bucks for a 20" length of 6-8 mm thick colored boro glass, tubing is 1-5 bucks per foot of tubing depending on size and thickness, so with the gas, electricity, and materials your at at least 5-10 bucks, then put on top the wage and general mark up, you looking 20-30 bucks for a small piece that took 30 mins to make.

hot shop blowing is going to cost even more for stuff like vases because its costs a huge amount more. for gods sake a good pipe and punty from spiral arts costs 350 for their standard work horse pipe and the large counter balance punty. the tools are going to run 800 bucks at least for your basic tools every gaffer needs to use then take into account at least 30 bucks per hour to rent time or close to that just to run a shop if you have your own.

the reason its cheaper over seas is a) substantially lower quality materials, b) reduced wages due to poverty levels, c) less skilled workers, d)less attention to details

good luck trying to sell some indian crap lampworking but i will happily go pay a friend 50 bucks to make a mouth tip or trade some work for one and get something that is well made

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