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Default Re: Another Glass tip thread?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
you do know that a lot of glass blowers in places that have a big history of it start learning the trade as young as 10 if not younger some times, and to learn it you have to work in it. one prof at my school who is like a 7th generation glass worker gathered his first glass at 10.

even if wage is cheaper raw materials dont get cheaper, in fact the raw glass would get more expensive if anything, a lot of boro is coming from corning so that has to be imported into india or where ever your looking at, propane prices dont magically drop, oxygen prices dont magically drop, still have to pay for electricity. good quality materials are running right at your over all cost range, sure get shity materials and drop the price but the product will suffer

just because you find a place that has a lower wage doesnt mean you can just get a product cheaper. the 20 buck glass for vases is just that crappy 20 bucks pieces. a well made vase of that size totally blown by hand (as apposed to the moulds they use) would run 2-400 bucks easy and have no issues with it if you went to a glass blower here and got them to make a one off. if you had a production shop here mould blowing them your looking 40-100 depending on color, and how fast they can get the process to be. but again the glass isnts the shit of the glass world

I don't think most of the indian glass manufactures follow the trade as its passed down in history. They deal in producing bulk products with little creativity. That might be true for some glowers, but this is factory work.

And as far as everything you've said above, I've bought more complicated pieces for $2 bucks a pop and have sold them before for a couple 100% markup. My family regularly orders products from india, china, and other countries. Some of the best selling products we get are from a glass company in india that also specializes in custom work. If you want to say that it's impossible, that's fine with me man. I'd attach a catalog with prices but obviously I can't.
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