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Default The perfect morning smoke.

Well I got home from work this morning around 6am and set up my baby with a 50/50 mix of SB vanilla and Nahkla cherry. It was beautiful, 2x foil on the bowl with 3 natural coals. Simply perfect, the sky was just showing its light blue face and there was a cool breeze.


I finished the bowl and the coals died down, so I went for a refill, I took my tray and my bowl and remade them, with the same mix...Im in love. But in any case I come back out and set up again place 3 new coals on the bowl after gently letting 1 coal temper the shisha. I let it sit for about 5mins and then DISASTER.

I took the first hit and noticed that the draw was way too hard I was giving my hookah the best head it could get and still almost no smoke, but good flavor nonetheless. I dicovered that the ice I had in the base had melted and put the water level too high. Okay no problem. Water leve back to normal I go for another spin but while setting back up my bowl wont sit on the grommet! Im pretty sure that the nice breeze overheated my coals while I was inside waiting and thus molten shisha juices (and yes it was hella juicy) slimed down my grommet and was hot enough to cause it to distort. So I had to cut my second bowl very short, I maybe got a good 20mins total of decent smoke then decided to call it a day. Im gonna try stabilizing the bowl with a wet paper towel (ty PL). but nonetheless some new grommets are on the way. Kinda bummed but Im still smiling because the first session was that good. Im beginning to think an authentic phunnel is needed, not only for the epic shisha juice cup holder feature but also to give me more distance from grommet to hot stuff.
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