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Default Re: Another Glass tip thread?

Originally Posted by merkaba View Post
I don't think most of the indian glass manufactures follow the trade as its passed down in history. They deal in producing bulk products with little creativity. That might be true for some glowers, but this is factory work.

And as far as everything you've said above, I've bought more complicated pieces for $2 bucks a pop and have sold them before for a couple 100% markup. My family regularly orders products from india, china, and other countries. Some of the best selling products we get are from a glass company in india that also specializes in custom work. If you want to say that it's impossible, that's fine with me man. I'd attach a catalog with prices but obviously I can't.
you might be getting them at $2 a pop but they are cutting corners left and right to sell it that cheap, probably only flame annealing them to reduce costs yet reducing durability, cheaper low quality boro which will reduce durability and quality, using thinner glass to save money, etc

to the untrained eye the pieces may look fine but to a lampworker that knows what they are doing they would probably laugh at it

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