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Default One of those talk me out of it threads I guess

Okay so now that I finally got my new debit card in I'm planning on making an order. I'm completely set in stone yet about what I want to order, but right now I have one that meets the few requirements I wanted in a hookah.

1) Something over 40 inches at least (the last one I owned a while ago was 41 and I liked it a lot)

2) As clear of a base as possible

3) 1 hose, I don't like two hosers at all

4) KM or similiar brand.

This was my last hookah that I ended up selling around a year ago. At the time it was getting neglected and I figured someone could get get better use out of it.

Anyway, I found a hookah that I definitely like but I'm not really set in stone about it.

It's a tall boy, elegant stem, somewhat clear base and its a km. Kind of expensive but it's not really a problem since it's obviously an investment.

Right now I'm pretty much looking for some feed back to see what people think about it or if anyone has a better suggestion. I'm probably not willing to pay for anything above $200 though.

With that in mind, I'm also going to end up purchasing some coals an a single burner from walmart along with about a kilo of fusion guava (IDGAF, it's my favorite).

So what do you guy's think?
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