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Default Re: Another Glass tip thread?

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
If you believe that artisan work has no market then you really need to take a look at the community you are in. We buy hookahs. An expensive luxury product. And most of us tend toward the hand made, quality pieces in all regards. I'll take my hand thrown Tangiers funnel bowl over any outsourced replica any day. Take a look at how long the jet glass funnels stick around on MNH. Hell, i just came back from a smith where I bought a hand forged dagger.

People like quality and those of us with an appreciation for it will always buy from someone who loves their work, cares about the artistry of it and deserves good pay for keeping art alive.

Now, why can't you post the products your family deals in?
Well the catalog I was talking about had very little to do with 99.9% of the products we sell. If you want to check out our ebay store
There's only one specific product we buy from glass manufactures regularly, but that catalog also contains some garbage too.

We sell everything from italian charms, clothes, vintage games and systems, jewelery and party accessories. We deal a lot with wholesalers around the world since most of the products we carry aren't really produced in the states or are way over priced for the average buy it now customer. As of now we have over 3,000 products listed, we also have two different websites (one is just a site that links to our ebay products, the other is still in development).

We also branch into some other areas from time to time. I'm hoping to look into contacting some new wholesalers eventually to see if there's anything I can carry for the hookah community. I've looked a little bit into some Egyptian companies already but haven't done any research as of now.

As far as the buying specialty mouth pieces, if people are that interested etsy is a great source to get in touch with glass blowers who do custom work now that I think of it. Their prices are also rather reasonable if you're looking for no questions asked quality, though a good portion of the good glass blowers have long waits for custom orders.

Personally, for something like this I'd rather have them outsourced if I was serious about selling them in a store due to price and waiting periods
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