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Default Re: One of those talk me out of it threads I guess

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
I wouldnt get the AF light as its pretty light and doesnt fell as well built as hte solids, and the syrians nice but remember the shipping on that from the UK, will cost you more then that KM, and i personally prefer the KM.

Dont you like the exotica you had before?? as thats the only one i know thats over 40"
I don't know the exact term for the km I had before, already sold it anyways. I had gotten it from a vendor that's long since disappeared I think. It was actually sold as a 36 inch but came as a 41 inch. Picture was a different base too and it took them about 3 tries to send me the right vase grommets (never actually got one that was correct either). This was back when km's was just beginning to catch on in the American market, but I guess the seller wasn't putting the stems together with the right bases.

It was definitely the best hookah I ever owned by a land slide. Either way, right now I'm brain storming for input since I don't have to rush to judgment. Right now the Syrians winning unless the shipping is extremely outrageous. I've yet to own ever own one so it would definitely be an enjoyable experience to see one in action.
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