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Default Re: Looking for Quality Syrian

Originally Posted by austinthecity View Post
I saw the AF hookah - and I also saw that they improved a lot on them (downstem, removable 2nd tray, etc).

However, it still doesn't have a solid brass downstem. Does anyone still sell these?

The teardrop base isn't that big of a deal - just looking for the quality downstem that I saw a year or two ago..
the downstem isnt really any different and didnt need improvement, you just had to fill the water higher. what they did do is change the shape of the glass on most of the rigs while keeping the same style (blue w/ flowers) making the downstem appear to go deeper in, but again, it has no affect on you, if you were blind, the fact that the downstem was shorter meant you needed more water in the base. also the old af had a removable tray as well.

h-s syrians are not of the same caliber as they used to be. syrians are becoming a harder find, all you can do is keep any eye out for some quality brass.

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