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Default Why does my shisha burn and stick to the top of my foil

Hey guys so im new to smoking Hookah and i just recieved my luxor 3 hose hookah in the mail today. Soo i set up the hookah the way it should be done but i have a problem when it comes to my bowl and shisha. First off it came with really crappy quick light charcoals and everytime i would try and smoke it tasted nasty , i also have a problem of burning my shisha, when i remove my foil to see what is wrong with the shisha, i see that it is sticking to the top of my foil and is burnt , what can i do to prevent this problem. I also decided to go to my local pipe shop and i got Natural Lemonwood Charcoals Romman brand, the result with that was better. Also im using al sultan shisha is that good or should i invest in a better brand.
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