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Default Re: AF solid hookah gold

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
I'm going to need to see this guy, cause the way plating normally works means that it shouldnt really peel off.

edit: fyi, i can polish my 28" w/o that i wanna see yours to know whats up.
Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
Electroplating shouldn't 'peel'
Electroplating certainly can and will peel if the preparation work prior to plating is subpar. Any oxidation layer allowed to form on the underlying nickel plate prior to gold plate can cause peeling.

The brass is technically nickel plated and then gold plated. Both are very thin layers so while it is possible to polish through the gold layer and expose the nickel, it may not yield good results. It is possible to replate specific areas by brush plating but gold plating solution is expensive and prep work for brush plating is more difficult than submersion plating. It also is more uneven and harder to match finishes. IMO it would be easier to get back down to brass and start over but if you want to replate only parts of it, the process is as follows:

-Polish and remove any scratches. It should be at the same level of the final finish you want.
-Rinse with distilled water.
-Rinse with distilled water.
-Activate the old nickel and/or gold layer using sulphuric acid.
-Rinse with distilled water (it should pass a water break test at this point).
-Immediately brush plate the repair area.

If you decide to replate the entire piece you will need to disassemble the pieces. To do that you will need to unsolder the stem tube at the top connection. Use a torch as a soldering iron will not create enough heat as the brass dissipates it fairly quickly. After you've unsoldered the top piece, the rest should unthread as they aren't soldered together.
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