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Default Nakhla Margarita-anise taste..?

Well I smoked earlier today and it did not turn out how I had planned

I was smoking Nakhla S Margarita, which I had smoked quite a few times before and it tastes great. However today, it ended up having a slight anise taste at the beginning. So I decided to deal with it in hopes that that taste would go away and it did eventually, but as soon as it started tasting good, I had got really light headed and decided to end the session. Then a little bit later, I actually got sick from it. I have not been sick from smoking in a long time and I'm not new to Nakhla either, so it confused the hell out of me that I was actually feeling sick from smoking. BTW, I had just eaten before I started smoking and I had some water with me during the session that I was drinking.

So what the heck? Did it go bad (doubtful imo). I'm just really confused how this would happen.

Anyone know what might have gone wrong...?
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