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Default Re: hydro herbal shisha

Originally Posted by DreadRaven View Post
smoking anything, be it herbal or tobacco, is going to be bad for you man. If you're gonna smoke...then smoke, and smoke what you like. If you're worried about your health...just cut back a little.

im not trying to be a prick here, just seems like you're splitting hairs.
I agree with this a lot. Combustion is combustion, just because its not tobacco and there's low/no tar (what does that even mean? no tar) doesn't mean it's jam packed full of antioxidants.

If you think you're smoking too much, control yourself. Give yourself a break from the hookah for a week then go to nightly sessions or every other night.

If you want my opinion of herbals, I thought they were all crud a few years until I tried a sample of the black label stuff. I think someone gave me butterscotch or I got it from a free promotion, stuff was damn good for lawn clippings and tree bark. Haven't tried the brand you're talking about, from what I can tell it's a relatively new product.
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