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Default Re: hydro herbal shisha

Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
The no tar and no nicotine is really just a way of making people feel safer about smoking. I fyou notice that about 99% of the regular "shisha" says 0% tar as well... thats because when smoking hookah properly there is no combustion of the tobacco so no tar can be released. The nicotine content of most hookah tobacco is also pretty low, but i am fairly certain that nicotine, in and of itself, isnt a harmful substance. Just addictive.

There has also been some studies that have shown a possible corrolation between smoke from sugar cane bagasse and some kind of lung disease... so who knows.

Smoking anything is bad for you, introducing foreign substances to your body like that is not good. This is a choice you are consciously making everytime you set up and smoke your hookah. If you dont like it, dont smoke.

I, on the other hand, fully acknowledge and accept the risks and smoke anyways... because i enjoy it. And whats the point of living if not to enjoy the life given to you?
amen to that.

Good point on the no tar bit, I kind of thought along those lines but wasn't entirely sure. As far as the nicotine bit, I agree. Most people are just conditioned to believe that the nicotine is what makes tobacco products in general evil, with less emphasis on all the other stuff thrown in during processing.
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